About Us

Experienced Traders with a passion on AI / Big Data technologies to bring down the cost of Asset Management

Our Mission

To provide tailored Global Markets access across Equities, Bonds, Commodities and Foreign Exchange with 50x reduction in execution fees.

Our Plan

Consolidated view across all assets. Cross Currency Cash Flow planning. Personalized Portfolio Calibration, Maximizing Returns Whilst Minimizing volatility in real time. Detailed Risk and P&L metrics.

Our Vision

Enabling clients with smart risk calibration leading to higher returns at much lower cost.


Jens Scharff-Hansen

Jens Scharff-Hansen

Partner / Chief Investment Officer Former Head of trading, Deutsche Bank Asia. In Asia since 1993
Penny Yip

Penny Yip

Partner / Chief Technology Officer Blockchain Expert; former employee of Deutsche Bank. Highly skilled developer in Financial Technologies including High Frequency Trading.

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